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Preparing for your first Social Media Cocktail

This post was originally created for the now discountinued ebusiness blog ( on February 11th, 2009.

Many small growing businesses in BC are about to take their first steps into the Social Media world. There is lots of information available online to help small businesses understand how to approach social media in fact there is so much information that everything can get a little confusing.

Below is a collection of articles and videos that I have stumbled on, they are solid reads and should help to answer some early stage questions that any small business entering into social media may have:

1. Social Media: What Is It

An overview article that discusses marketing and preparing for marketing online using Social Media.

2. When Your Business Gets Trashed Online

You work hard to make your customer happy but sometimes things go offtrack. This article discusses how to prepare and handle a poor review of your company online.

3.  Whipping the Social Media Beast in 30 Minutes a Day

The name says it all, many business owners feel that Social Media will take all their (or an employees) time. This blog post will help you to understand that venturing into social media doesn't require a platoon of dedicated people chained to their seats for 8 hours a day.

4. If I Started Today

Chris Brogan reflecting on how he would approach Social Media if today was day one for him. The first point about listening is great, many businesses overlook this aspect when planning for social media.

You may notice that many of the articles I have mentioned live at a few weeks ago I found this website. There are some interesting articles and videos at and it's well worth the look.

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