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3 Benefits of Energy Saving Light Bulbs

Meet Margot Richards, owner of a small business dedicated to lighting design. In this video Margaret helps explain energy saving lighting and why small business owners should be switching over to this lighting.

There have been huge advances in the technology of energy efficient lighting. Here Margot explains how you can use energy efficient lighting, without compromising aesthetics or function.

Generally there are two types of energy efficient bulbs: The firs it Compact Fluorescents (CFLs) and the second is, Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs). 

CFLs and LEDs are available in a number of different colour temperatures from warm to cool.  Warm tends to be more yellow, while cool tends to be more blue. 

Some examples of where you might use warm lighting would be in a restaurant, hotel lobby, you see these being used in decorative fixtures, down lights and in any number of applications.

Cooler temperatures lights tend to appear more in a task orientated application, like an office. So you can use the down lights, decorative fixtures and pendants, even in track lighting. 

There’s three reasons for small business owners to switch to energy saving lighting:

1. Savings

If you use a 60 watt incandescent bulb (a traditional light bulb) the cost to run that is roughly $22 per year. 

By switching to a 12 Wall LED bulb, operating costs would be in the region of about $4 per year.  A huge cash saving, and money in your pocket. 

2. Low Maintenance

Typically the maintenance for CFLs and LEDs is very little. The light bulb’s life is extraordinarily longer than an incandescent bulb. Therefore not requiring a light bulb change for many months, if not years. 

A typical 60 watt A light bulb will last roughly 1,000 hours; a CFL will last 10,000 hours, and studies are showing that an LED will last up to 50,000 hours. 

3. Cost Incentives

BC Hydro offers incentive packages where rebates are provided for retro fit programs. These are fully integrated programs, which are very supportive and certainly worth while investigating by small business owners. 

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