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  • Heartbleed Bug: Updating Your Security

    The Heartbleed bug, was detected last week by Internet security experts in Finland and researchers at Google, however was only revealed to the online security community on Monday. Its target is the encryption technology, Open SSL, that is supposed to protect your online accounts for e-mails, instant messaging and a wide range of e-commerce.

  • Why Your Business Needs to Get Mobile

    If you're a smartphone user, you're undoubtedly familiar with the pain of pinching and scrolling your way across full-size websites on your phone. And if your business' website isn't optimized for mobile, your customers are undoubtedly familiar with that pain too.

  • How to Get Your Business Online

    You know that your business needs a website, but taking your business online can be intimidating when you don’t have any experience with web design or development. Fortunately getting your business online isn't as complicated as it may first seem to be.

  • How to Design and Build Your Website

    Designing and building a professional, functional website that showcases your company in its best light is essential to the success of your online marketing efforts.

  • Amazon Pages– What it means for Small Business

    Do you sell products on Amazon? Or are you thinking of opening your own online store on the site? Well there is good news for you; this week Amazon announced the launch of Amazon Pages.

  • Referral Links vs Organic Search Results and How They Work for Your Website

    Have you launched a new website only to be underwhelmed by your traffic statistics? Fear not, you are not alone. Many new website owners struggle with low traffic numbers. It can feel impossible to know where to start. Kris helps explain your options.

  • Writing Posts that Encourage Comments

    Most bloggers post their content in hope of receiving a lot of comments. Apart from being a potential source of feedback, comments reflect user interest and are one of the best indicators to gauge a reader’s reaction to a blog post.

  • I Need a Website. Now What?

    So you need a website. If you’ve never gone through this process before, chances are you have a lot of questions. Here are seven tips to point you in the right direction.

  • 7 Hot Apps for Small Business

    As apps become more widespread and powerful, entrepreneurs are turning to these tools to help their businesses run more smoothly. These seven apps will help make your day-to-day business life more efficient and organised.

  • 5 Myths of SEO Busted

    It seems that everyone and their dog have something to say about optimizing websites to rank highly for search engines. And with this knowledge, a number of myths and misconceptions about SEO have also become commonplace.


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