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  • BC's Economic Summit 2012

    BC Economic Summit - Canada Starts Here: Taking BC Global, will bring together regional economic development officers, business, industry leaders, municipal and provincial governments, academics and economists to discuss the BC Job’s Plan.

  • Are you Protecting your Intellectual Property?

    So you have come up with an amazing idea. You have probably shared it with your family, friends and colleagues. But did you think about protecting your intellectual property first? World IP day reminds us of the benefits of protecting the assets.

  • BizPal: Your One-Stop Shop for Licences and Permits

    When starting your business or looking to expand in to a new municipality, it is important to identify the key permits and licences which will apply to your business. BizPal is an online tool which helps identify these for your business.

  • Music, Your Business and SOCAN

    Music is one of the truly universal things that make people feel good all over the world. It sells ideas, it sells services, and it sells products. But did you know that in order to broadcast music in your business you must obtain a license?

  • The Legal Steps to Buying a Business

    Buying a business is one of the biggest commitments you can make in your life. Before you sign on the dotted line, find out the 5 key steps you should take before buying a business.

  • Understanding Mobile Business Licences

    To operate a business in BC you are required to obtain a business licence in each municipality that you operate your business in. That is, unless you own and run your business in the one of BC’s six regions which have a Mobile Business Licence.

  • Protecting Your Business Name

    Most businesses want to know how they can protect their brand value by preventing other businesses from using a name that is the same as or similar to the name under which they do business.

  • Directors Be Good: A Look at a Director’s Duties

    Becoming a director is never something to take lightly. Here are some things to consider if you are thinking of taking on this role.

  • Do I Have to be Canadian to Start a Business in BC?

    The short answer is No. But you will have to meet important legal requirements. Requirements for starting a business vary across provinces and for the country as a whole, so there is some confusion whether non-residents can start a business in Canada.

  • The Corporate Shield: Absolute or Limited Protection

    People tend to believe that a corporation will protect them personally from all types of liability. But what degree of protection does it really offer?


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