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Meet Loredo Rucchin,

Like many entrepreneurs, Loredo started out of a wish to be his own boss and the freedom to let his ideas flow.

In the crowded marketplace of printing however, he knew it was essential to find his niche. “Every other online printing company was doing the same thing,” Loredo explains, “I wanted to be the one that stood out, do something different, and put a little bit more flare into printing.” With a bit of market research and some computer science skills, he found a niche for the perfect e-business. And so, was born, offering such products as business cards, flyers and brochures with a promise of “great quality, retro pricing”.

Starting Out on the Right Foot

When Loredo was ready to start making his concept a reality, he came to visit our team here, at Small Business BC. “The help and resources we received from Small Business BC were all we needed to get our company off the ground” he comments.

​Lessons Learned

The biggest lesson Loredo has learnt about running a business? “Be prepared for ANYTHING,” he says. “As a business owner you are responsible for a diverse number of moving parts that keep the business going, so wake up each morning expecting the unexpected.”

Many of the obstacles Loredo encountered at the beginning were a result of every business owner’s dream: underestimating demands. The overwhelming demand and high traffic on’s website meant that they had to continually update their systems and increase their manpower, to keep up with the demand. This still hasn’t slowed down; trying to meet the demands of customers worldwide.

Team Effort

When creating, Loredo wanted to build a team that could work together to create products to showcase designs no one has seen before. Something that he did not lose sight of, when he had to rapidly expand his workforce.

He now attributes the success of to this team. “It's a fun atmosphere, filled with young, energetic people," he said. "We're in our own zone." Many of his young, social media savvy team have never even worked in the print industry before. But that’s not an insurmountable hurdle for Loredo. “With our unique business plan it is too difficult to find people with the type of experience needed. It is more important finding employees with the right attitude and work ethic that is needed.”

​Finding a Loyal Customer Base hasn’t paid for any advertising and has no sales team. They concentrate on two things: social media and word of mouth. Their growing Facebook and Twitter audience are active supporters of the business who have stuck with them since the beginning. Loredo acknowledges, “We would have been unable to grow to the company we are today without our loyal customers”.

And that growth has been rapid. In seven years, they have opened multiple offices throughout Canada. Their buzz over the internet has ranked them as one the largest online printing companies worldwide. This success was recognized last year by Profit Magazine who named in the top 50 fastest growing companies in Canada and in the top 5 of Business in Vancouver’s 100 fastest growing companies in BC.

The Future

Much like those entrepreneurs that inspire him, Tony Hsieh of Zappos and Roger Hardy of Clearly Contacts, Loredo’s focus is now growing his business globally. His intended plan? To concentrate on what makes the business successful: business cards.

One Last Piece of Advice?

“Put your heart and soul into what you believe and don’t listen to those that look to discredit your work. It will be hard, and you will need to work around the clock, but it will all be worth it.” 

Loredo Rucchin

Twitter: @jukebox

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