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Around BC: Entrepreneurial Success Stories

  • Meet Adam Scheuer, Watertiger

    Adam Scheuer found early in his career that he wasn’t looking to be a cog in someone else’s big wheel. He wanted to make things happen for himself. “My early gauge was my alarm clock. When I started hitting ‘snooze’ too many times in the morning, it was time to jump into unfamiliar waters,” he explains.  
  • Meet Laura Patrick, Kids Physio Group

    Laura Patrick has always been a planner. Setting goals to make herself aim higher and achieve more. But Kids Physio didn’t start that way. It started with a quick passionate decision to move from a comfortable public practice to starting out on her own to fulfill a need she saw in her community.

  • Meet Trish Sare, BikeHike Adventures Inc.

    At the age of 20, Trish Sare left for an epic adventure around the world for five years. Originally from Toronto, her first stop was Vancouver to work at Expo ’86, from there she went on to travel through the Pacific Islands, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, where she decided to stay on a small island, living with a family for two years.

  • Meet Wayne Zielke, LedgerDocs

    Wayne Zielke is a great example of an entrepreneur who saw a problem and created a successful business around the solution. 

  • Meet Jenna Herbut, Make It Productions

    Jenna always wanted to be an entrepreneur and was fascinated with how to make money without getting a ‘real job’ from a young age. “I remember being a little kid, selling jewelry at my aunt’s garage sale,” she recalls. “It starts young!”

  • Meet Chris Day, Fully Managed

    From a one-man operation in a home office, to an award-winning company with 40 employees in Vancouver and Edmonton, Fully Managed has come a long way since founder Chris Day opened its doors in 2002.

  • Meet Andre Coetzee, i-worx

    There’s nothing more exciting than creating something that adds value to people’s lives. It’s what spurs many entrepreneurs forward, including Andre Coetzee, Director and Co-Founder of i-worx. 

  • Meet Christina Platt, Bamboletta Dolls

    From her living room in Vancouver twelve years ago, to her studio in the Cowichan Valley today, Christina Platt has built a doll-making business with loyal customers around the world by putting her community at the centre of it.

  • Meet David Whitmey, Moving Pictures Talent & Entertainment Group

    David Whitmey has made his career in the film and TV industry by seizing opportunities, and his Vancouver-based talent agency Moving Pictures Talent & Entertainment Group is a prime example of that.

  • Meet Chris Chong and Gina Chong, Butter Studios Photographers

    For Port Moody-based business partners Chris Chong and Gina Chong, the evolution of their shared hobby into a part-time, home-based business and then into a full-time venture happened very naturally over the last ten years.


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