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Around BC: Entrepreneurial Success Stories

  • Meet Bill English, Xanatos Marine Ltd

    Everything changed for Bill English in the mid-'90s after a close call between two vessels off the West Coast, caused by a lack of technology. 

  • Meet Tressa Wood, Men In Kilts

    Tressa’s priorities have always been her family. “From very early on, I knew I would end up running my own business,” she explains. “I wanted the flexibility to spend time with my family and the ability to take charge of my future.”

  • Meet Ravy Minhas-Mehroke and Amy Minhas, Bombay Brow Bar

    Ravy and Amy are a dynamic duo – sisters and best friends with an entrepreneurial edge. They always knew they wanted to start a business together, with one main focus: to make people feel good about themselves.

  • Meet Kyle Vucko, Indochino

    Seven years ago Kyle Vucko and his fellow University of Victoria classmate, Heikal Gani, started Indochino, following Heikal’s struggle to find a suit he both liked and could afford. They found that menswear was often relegated to the back of stores and offered limited options, providing either a terrible fit or a price point they could not afford. 

  • Meet Matthew Baker, Useful Charts

    Matthew has always had a knack for starting new ventures. “I love working for myself and having the freedom to be creative while at the same time, helping others,” he explains.

  • Meet Wesley Hooper, LifeSpace Gardens Ltd

    For Wesley Hooper there was no eureka moment when he realized that he wanted to become an entrepreneur, it was a slow burn, and a decision out of necessity. That necessity was that he kept killing his tomatoes!

  • Meet Brian Scudamore, You Move Me

    Brian Scudamore is one of BC’s most successful entrepreneurs. Accolades include the Globe & Mail’s Top 40 under 40 and Fortune Magazine’s Small Business Best Bosses Award. His franchises include 1-800-GOT-JUNK?, You Move Me and WOW 1 DAY Painting. But how did it all begin?

  • Meet Adam Scheuer, Watertiger

    Adam Scheuer found early in his career that he wasn’t looking to be a cog in someone else’s big wheel. He wanted to make things happen for himself. “My early gauge was my alarm clock. When I started hitting ‘snooze’ too many times in the morning, it was time to jump into unfamiliar waters,” he explains.  
  • Meet Laura Patrick, Kids Physio Group

    Laura Patrick has always been a planner. Setting goals to make herself aim higher and achieve more. But Kids Physio didn’t start that way. It started with a quick passionate decision to move from a comfortable public practice to starting out on her own to fulfill a need she saw in her community.

  • Meet Trish Sare, BikeHike Adventures Inc.

    At the age of 20, Trish Sare left for an epic adventure around the world for five years. Originally from Toronto, her first stop was Vancouver to work at Expo ’86, from there she went on to travel through the Pacific Islands, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, where she decided to stay on a small island, living with a family for two years.


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