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Around BC: Entrepreneurial Success Stories

  • Meet Chris Day, Fully Managed

    From a one-man operation in a home office, to an award-winning company with 40 employees in Vancouver and Edmonton, Fully Managed has come a long way since founder Chris Day opened its doors in 2002.

  • Meet Andre Coetzee, i-worx

    There’s nothing more exciting than creating something that adds value to people’s lives. It’s what spurs many entrepreneurs forward, including Andre Coetzee, Director and Co-Founder of i-worx. 

  • Meet Christina Platt, Bamboletta Dolls

    From her living room in Vancouver twelve years ago, to her studio in the Cowichan Valley today, Christina Platt has built a doll-making business with loyal customers around the world by putting her community at the centre of it.

  • Meet David Whitmey, Moving Pictures Talent & Entertainment Group

    David Whitmey has made his career in the film and TV industry by seizing opportunities, and his Vancouver-based talent agency Moving Pictures Talent & Entertainment Group is a prime example of that.

  • Meet Chris Chong and Gina Chong, Butter Studios Photographers

    For Port Moody-based business partners Chris Chong and Gina Chong, the evolution of their shared hobby into a part-time, home-based business and then into a full-time venture happened very naturally over the last ten years.

  • Meet Michelle Moore, What I See Photo & Video

    For Michelle Moore – a White Rock-based photographer and videographer – being in business is all about connecting with other people. And as the owner of What I See Photo & Video, she gets to make those personal connections with her clients everyday.

  • Meet Melissa Harris and Traci Myles, The Wedding Architects

    When Vancouver-based business partners Melissa Harris and Traci Myles launched The Wedding Architects in September 2013 they were already seasoned entrepreneurs, but during a business planning session for their individual companies they realized that a huge opportunity lay in joining forces and starting a new company together.

  • Meet Matthew Traynor and Chloe Peake, The Edge Food Energy Company

    Matthew and Chloe spotted a gap in the market and jumped on an opportunity to produce high-quality, flavourful food options for people on the go. Through their solid business partnership and the dedication of their team, they've been able to make their 100% organic and vegan nutrition bars a retail success in under two years.

  • Meet Don and Lane Martin, Modern PURAIR

    Clean air is something we all take for granted, and quality of the air we breathe indoors depends heavily on our ventilation systems. Over 40 years ago, Don Martin capitalized on a growing awareness of indoor air quality, and laid the foundation for a business that he would later turn into a successful franchise with his son Lane on board.

  • 60 Seconds with Bob Rennie – Rennie Marketing Systems

    Bob Rennie, Principal of Rennie Marketing Systems, has been marketing real estate since 1975 and has become a trusted voice and a household name.


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